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Dear parents


Hello! The summer vacation in 2020 begins. Thank you for your concern and support for the school's work! In order to continuously carry out the cultivation education for children and let them have a safe, happy and meaningful summer vacation, please take over the baton of education at this time, guide and urge children to arrange their summer vacation life.


Teach children to be safe


  1. Traffic safety. Tell your children to obey the traffic rules and pay attention to the safety of walking, cycling and riding. Do not walk on the highway, do not run on the road, do not run red lights, do not climb the guardrail; do not drive motor vehicles and take "no license plate, no driver's license, overload" vehicles; students under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride bicycles, all students are not allowed to learn to ride battery cars, motorcycles, to prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents.


2. Food safety. Tell their children not to buy snacks in street stalls, not to buy expired, deteriorated and smelly food, not to buy food without production guarantee, not to eat deteriorated food and unclean fruit, and to eat less raw and cold food; not to drink raw water, not to eat fruits of unknown origin, not to eat wild fruits on the mountain, to strictly prevent food poisoning.


3. Prevent fire, electricity and drowning. Summer vacation is a period of high incidence of drowning accidents. Parents should monitor their children and tell their children not to swim in the water without the guidance of their parents, not to swim with classmates without permission, and not to swim in waters without safety facilities, rescue personnel and safety guarantee; Tell children not to carry any inflammable and explosive materials; use electricity safely; do not dismantle or move wires without permission and turn off the power supply when leaving.


4. Heatstroke prevention, flood control and lightning protection safety. In summer, the temperature is high and the weather is hot. Remind children to pay attention to the weather and prevent heatstroke when going out. When mountain torrents break out, do not run away along the flood channel, but to both sides quickly. Do not wade across the river easily. When thunderstorm occurs, stay away from solid buildings, avoid hiding under trees or temporary buildings, and keep away from high-voltage wires. We should strengthen the awareness of preventing natural disasters.


5. Pay attention to safety when going out. Tell the children to go out with the consent of their parents and make clear where to go, preferably accompanied by their parents; educate the children not to take the remote path, but to walk on the road and walk together; after the activity, they should go home on time, not go alone at night or stay out at night; the activity site should avoid transformers and high-voltage lines, away from the construction site; do not carry knives, do not participate in the entertainment activities with strong stimulation and potential safety hazard, so as to prevent accidental injury.


6. Safety at home. Cultivate children's sense of self-protection. When they are at home alone, they should not allow strangers to enter the room. They should not believe the words of strangers, do not take the car of strangers, and do not accept gifts from strangers, especially food. In case of accidents, they should call the police and emergency calls. Remember the frequently used telephone numbers 119, 110, 122, 120 and their parents' relatives. When in danger, they should be tactful and ask for help; we should guide children to surf the Internet safely and in a civilized way. We should not enter commercial Internet cafes, game halls, bars and dance halls, read unhealthy books and periodicals, CDs and websites, insult and cheat others, and not indulge in virtual time and space.



2Urge children to learn independently

To supervise and urge children to complete summer homework conscientiously and systematically according to school requirements; to help children formulate independent learning plans; to guide children to arrange work and rest time scientifically and reasonably, so as to ensure both rest and study; to read more useful extra-curricular books and develop good learning habits; to actively participate in social practice and community service activities.



3Guide children to live a civilized life

We should guide children to take good care of public facilities, abide by social morality, maintain public order, enhance the awareness of environmental protection and responsibility, and not do anything harmful to the reputation of individuals, families and schools. We should encourage children to do more housework and do their own things, so that summer vacation can be a good opportunity for children to carry out effective labor practice and develop good working habits; Smoking and drinking, gambling, feudal superstition and other activities are strictly prohibited.



4Pay attention to children's epidemic prevention

Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the responsibility of parents of children. It is necessary to take care of their children's guardianship and ensure their children's safety during their holidays. During the holidays, parents should try not to take their children out of the country, especially to areas with medium and high risks in China, and do not have close contact with people in medium and high-risk areas.



"Only with the support of various forces can we have more talents! Children are the hope of parents, students are the pride of the school! Safety work is closely related to the happiness of the family and the stability of the society. For our common goal and dream, let us cooperate closely to strengthen the safety education of our children and jointly create a safe and peaceful summer vacation atmosphere.


Thank you for your attention, support and cooperation as always. Let us heart to heart, hand in hand, to create a better tomorrow for children! Finally, I wish the children a safe and happy summer vacation! I wish parents a happy family and all the best!